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Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten
Transition to Kindergarten Banner

Transition to Kindergarten

The transition to kindergarten is not a one-time event happening on the first day of school; rather, it begins well before your child enters school and continues during their first year in kindergarten.

The child's family, their current preschool program, and the school where the child will attend kindergarten all play an important role in making the transition between preschool and kindergarten smooth and productive for children.

The following family guide provides information on how you can get your child ready for school and enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools:

Choosing Kindergarten for School Year 2023-24

Step 1: Parents of children entering kindergarten (child must turn five on or before September 1) are strongly encouraged to submit your school request online by February 7, 2023.

Step 2: Parents of children entering kindergarten must complete the registration process at their assigned school. This registration can be completed during the Citywide Kindergarten Registration in May, or you may call the school to set up a time.  

When registering, bring the following to the school:

While you must present these documents before your child can start school, you should submit your request card even if you don't have all these documents available.

Early Admission to Kindergarten Information for School Year 2023-24

While MPS does not typically recommend early admission, some families may feel their child should start kindergarten earlier than the age determined by State Law.

Consideration for Early Admission to Kindergarten is based on the following:

  • The child must turn 5 between Sept 2 and Oct 31.
  • Early Childhood Screening (clear pass). Please contact to schedule a screening appointment 612.668.3715.
  • Early Admission to Kindgergarten School Request Form submitted by April 1, 2023 to Student Placement 
    • ​Families are strongly encouraged to submit another request for High Five (Preschool) by the February 7, 2023 deadline.
    • Early Admission to Kindergarten Request Forms: Spanish, Somali, Hmong 
    • ​A school must be selected based on availability AFTER age eligible students are placed.
  • The child must successfully complete BOTH:

Please note:

  1. Early Admission to Kindergarten Requests will be reviewed after all other lottery assignments have been made.
  2. Placement in Early Admission to Kindergarten is provisional; pending approval of the Kindergarten Teacher within the first month of school.

If you have questions about submitting an application for Early Admission to Kindergarten please contact Bridie Musser at 612.668.5337 or bridie.musser@mpls.k12.mn.us