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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
One of the first school experiences you will share with your child is Early Childhood Screening. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you with questions you may have about the screening process. 
What is the best age to have my child screened? 
It is best to have your child screened at age 3. 
Why is it important to have my child screened before age 4? 
Screening at age 3 helps you to know if your child is on track to be prepared for kindergarten. If your child is not on track early school services can help your child become ready by age 5. If screening is done later there is less time for your child to receive the early learning services that can help them be kindergarten ready. 
What if my child is not screened at age 3? 
We will screen your 4 and 5 year olds as well. MN state law requires early childhood screening for all children before kindergarten entrance at a public school.  
Is there a cost to have my child screened? 
There is no charge for screening services. 
How do I set up an appointment? 
Call the Minneapolis Early Childhood Screening offices at 612-668-­3715 or book an appointment online here
What do I bring to the appointment? 
Please bring a current immunization record, a birth certificate and a completed health history form that we sent to you. 
How long is the screening appointment? 
The screening takes about 1½ hours. 
What will my child do at screening? 
Your child will have their vision, hearing and height and weight screened. We will check your child’s learning with a developmental screening tool called the Minneapolis Preschool Screening Instrument.  
What do parents do during the screening? 
After your child has been screened you will review the screening results with an Early Childhood Screening staff.  Parents will have the opportunity to talk with staff about their child’s health and developmental history and family needs. Our staff will support and assistance you with needs and concerns. 
Will screening staff help my child get into a preschool or other early learning program? 
Yes. We will give you information about the programs in Minneapolis that offer early childhood programs. We will help you to sign up for district programs that serve preschool aged children.