Teen Parent Services
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Teen Parent Services

Teen Parent Services

Teen Parent Services (TPS) supports all pregnant and parenting students enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and their children with a variety of programming. Students have the opportunity to study and receive services in both traditional and non-traditional high school settings. The TPS programs provide on-site childcare, transportation, prenatal and parenting education, case management and support services The Teen Parent Services Program exists:

  • To help student parents stay in school and be successful.
  • To provide children with a high quality childcare program with a focus on meeting the individual developmental needs of each child.

TPS provides services in many of the Minneapolis public senior high schools, we are co-funded by the Minneapolis Public Schools and Hennepin County Childcare Assistance (CCAP).

Our Mission:

To encourage pregnant and parenting teens to reach their highest potential by stressing academic achievement, providing prenatal and parenting education, and offering high quality child care and comprehensive supportive services as they build a strong future for themselves and their children.

Our Early Learning Center Program Philosophy:

It is the goal of the early learning center to provide a structured consistent environment for the children and their parents that is safe, stimulating and encouraging. We believe that young children learn most effectively when they can explore a variety of materials and situations through play and hands-on experiences. The Early Learning Center chosen to incorporate Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum. The staff develop a caring, compassionate and stimulating environment that fits the developmental needs, cultural diversity, and unique characteristics of each child. The staff will attempt to meet the individual needs of each child through positive experiences, curriculum, behavior expectations, and freedom for individual choice, and provisions for health, safety and nutritional requirements.

The Early Learning Center uses preventative, positive, non-threatening techniques for behavior guidance and begins to give children the responsibility for their actions. The goal is to guide children in continuing to develop respect for themselves and others.

What we offer:

Teen Parent Services (TPS)

TPS Program services are available at both traditional and non traditional High School settings.

Early Learning Centers

The TPS Program has four licensed Early Learning Sites located at Longfellow (Broadway ALC), North, Roosevelt/Wellstone, and South High School.  Our Early Learning Sites currently support students representing 8 High Schools and several other district programs. The Early Learning sites are available for children ages 6 weeks - 5 years old.  

Prenatal, Homebound Services and Parenting Education

In addition to the regular High School curriculum, expectant mothers receive prenatal education and upon delivery, are connected with homebound services.  It is essential that teen parents remain connected to school during maternity leave so after the birth of their child, teen parents are connected with tutors to assist them in completing their assignments and support them in their return to High School.  Parenting Education is also part of each student's school schedule once the mothers return to school.

Support Services

Pregnant and parenting teens enrolled in any Minneapolis Public School may need some additional help. The TPS Program provides support in finding and accessing valuable resources. These resources may be accessed through the TPS district social workers, through MVNA nurses or High School Social workers.

Community Partnerships

TPS works with many community partners to meet the needs of the student parent and their children.