Support Services
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Support Services

Support Services

Pregnant and parenting teens (Student-Parents) enrolled in any Minneapolis Public School may need some additional help in the areas of MFIP, Medical Assistance and Child Care Assistance. TPS works to provide access to support services. Currently, we have an enrollment specialist that will assist you in enrolling in childcare and also assist in the Child Care Assistance process.  TPS Program has a Social Worker that will assist Student-Parents in helping to locate and access resources you may need.

Teen Parent Services  is committed to providing all students with the academic preparation, habits of work and mind, personal awareness and intercultural competencies needed to be successful after high school. That success includes opportunities to pursue post-secondary education and lifelong learning, sustainable and meaningful careers, and active participation in the local and global community.

For Student-Parents enrolled (or enrolling) in a Minneapolis Public School:

Child Care Assistance
Michelle Johnston 612-668-4703
* assistance in enrolling and maintaining the Child Care Assistance Program.

Longfellow Community Site is located at 3017 East 31st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406

City Wide Social Worker:

Kirstin Johnson-Nixon 612.669.0945